Why you need a bike training base

You have tried cycling before, but it didn’t work due to lack of willpower or time to devote to the workouts?

The new generation of bike trainers are designed especially for cyclists by professionals and use advanced technologies so that everything you do is recorded and analyzed to maximize your physical performance.

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you are looking for a bike training station but you are not sure which one will be the best for your needs. With the Covid 19 pandemic, bikers have robbed bike shops.

Maintain your physical fitness, on the bike, 365 days a year, without restriction (or excuses)

In the fall, when some start to put their bikes away, the rest of us take out their training station. This allows, at a minimum, to stay at the level of fitness that we had during the summer. It’s quite a shame to lose all the progress you made and almost start over once the snow has melted in the spring.

Depending on the system you get, some will be easier to install. When it’s quick to set-up, you can get on your bike in the middle of the summer season when it rains all week and you want to work out.

Depending on where you stay, you can’t always go and train easily. For example, if your condo is down town of a large city, it may be difficult for you to go for a good workout without being slowed down by traffic or even the state of the road(people from Quebec will know…). No matter what time of day, you can workout safely in your own living room. If you have less time a day, you just have to choose a more difficult workout so you will get your money’s worth in 30 minutes of training!

Plusieurs types d’entrainement disponibles

In the past, people who used a training station were almost always road bike enthusiasts. With the advent of connected training bases, a new customer market is now attracting interest. Indeed, thanks to interactive programs, we can simulate a multitude of different activities. Whether it’s road biking in the mountains, Ironman or Triathlon training and even mountain biking. The teams behind these great apps/games are getting better and better at designing custom trainning plan for each type of cycling.

A way of training that remains motivating

The training base is a great alternative for cycling enthusiasts who enjoy pedaling, but don’t want to gear up to work out in their garage or hit the gym. With these connected training bases, one can connect to training applications. These apps like Zwift, for example, allow you to simulate a real “ride” outdoors. By logging in on a computer or on a mobile device, such as your phone or tablet, you will have access to these applications. Thanks to a restriction system in your base, controlled by the app on your phone, you will have to put more energy into pedaling uphill, and vice versa, downhill. This simulation makes your training less boring and encourage you to push harder when you see the top of the mountain.

A social platform

In addition to having differences in altitude, these training platforms have become real social networks! At any time of the day there is an average of 2,000 to 5,000 people around the world training on the same route as you. It is therefore possible to ride in a group with the other participants. You’ll even get an aerodynamic drag effect if you’re close enough behind another rider. If your friends also have a compatible system, you can schedule group rides!

Achieving your training goals

Whether you are training in the offseason or the summer season, you will be able to focus your training in the direction you want to achieve your goals. This type of training takes away a lot of the strain that one would have training outdoors. If you want to improve your climbs but you live in a place where there is no altitude change, you can simulate the desired training and do it several times a week. This way, the week-end, when you go out with your friends, you will crush that ride in the mountains!

Numerous training statistics

A very interesting point about these systems is that they analyse a lot of data. Depending on your equipment, it will be possible to record your speed, heart rate, power, and cadence throughout the bike trainer. When you’ve taken the time to wash, stretch, and catch your breath, you’ll have beautiful graphics showing your effort from all angles. With a minimum of knowledge or with the help of friends or professionals, you can analyze this data in order to align yourself with a better training. This will help you improve your weak points and allow you to become a better, more complete rider.

You will also appreciate more certain aspects of your rides like when you were the last of the group or the last to climb that really steep climb and now wait for your friends at the top!