The best affordable bike lights

Have you ever tried night biking? If the answer is no, you must start now! Riding in the evening increases the difficulty level of your hikes. Since we can see less well, we have no choice but to enter our bubble and concentrate 100% on our driving. You still have to see a minimum so here are our best bike lights under $ 70.

Why use a bicycle light?

Be seen by other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians

If this is the only reason why you need lights, then you don’t need a very powerful and sturdy lamp. A set of positioning lights will do the job. See the 3rd bike light kit option which offers an extra tracking light (red).

Better see the road or the trail

If you are looking to illuminate the road, in order to see it better or even see the obstacles on it, we advise you to bet on a light with good brightness. For example, on a mountain bike where you will have to avoid trees, rocks or roots.

Another factor to consider is how to attach the light to the bike. This may seem trivial, but on a mountain bike the mere vibration of your light can cause you to fall.

By dint of vibrating, given the rough terrain, the light may change angle often, which can become annoying, even dangerous.

How to attach your light for your evening hikes?

Light mounted on the handlebars

The easiest option is to attach your light directly to your handlebars. Most bicycle lights come with a handlebar clip. Be careful, this does not mean that it is a good tie! Depending on the weight of the lamp, an elastic clip is unlikely to result in stable light in rough terrain.

A clip as seen on the “Soonfire FD38S” lamp is adjustable using the screw. This will allow you to increase the pressure of the clip if you realize that the lamp is not stable enough.

Helmet mounted light

Once your light is installed on your handlebars, no matter the direction of your handlebars, your light will follow. However, on a mountain bike you often have to look at the next curve before you even get there. So you will need to use a light on your helmet that will illuminate the same place you are looking.

Tout dépendant le casque que vous avez, une lampe ayant une attache élastique sera souvent plus facile à installer.

There are 2 things to consider when you have your headlamp on the helmet:

  • Firstly, the weight: in the long run, a heavy lamp will become annoying and may even give you a little sore neck the next day.
  • Second, if your light needs to be plugged into an external battery, it will add a little challenge. You will probably need to store this in your backpack. The cable may be cumbersome, and you will need to attach it to somewhere like after your headset to avoid getting caught in the headset when turning.

Ease of installation

If you plan to leave your locked bike in a public place, you will need to be able to remove your lights easily. In the event that you ride very rarely at night, a temporary installation is preferable.

Our suggestions for the best bike lights under 70$

Wi8 9T6 Bicycle Headlight

  • Price: 51.69$
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Weight : 600g
  • Light intensity: 10500 Lumen *
  • Water resistant : 10500 Lumen
  • Battery : 9000 mAh Rechargeable external battery

Soonfire FD38S Two Cree XM-L2 U3 LED

  • Price : 69.99$
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Weight: 245g
  • Light intensity: 1870 Lumen (500 feet)
  • Water resistant : Yes
  • Battery : 2x 3400mAh Battery (32 hours of use) internal battery rechargeable via USB

Wastou Bike Lights

  • Prix 30.96$
  • Material : Plastic
  • Weight : 110g
  • Light intensity: 1200 Lumen (330 feet)
  • Water resistant : Yes
  • Battery : 1200 mAh (2 hours of use) internal battery rechargeable via USB
  • Bonus : Back light (red) rechargeable
ModèleWi8 9T6 Bicycle HeadlightSoonfire FD38S Two Cree XM-L2 U3 LEDWastou Bike Lights
Light intensity10500 Lumen1870 Lumens1200 Lumen
Battery9000 mAh3400mAh (2x batteries)1200 mAh

Still not sure? Visit your local bike store and ask for their advice.