The Gravel Bike challenges in Quebec for 2022

GBC 500 2022

GBC 500 – August 13th 2022

Participants will be able to choose between 250 or 500 KM to travel on the most beautiful roads in the Eastern Townships. Over a maximum of 5 days, cyclists will climb over 6500m (elevation gain) on Gravel roads at 85%. You can ride the course solo or in duo.

3 categories of races are offered: Classic, Electric and Robusto.

For the Classic, you can benefit from assistance on the course and accommodation. The Electric category is similar to the classic but you will be able to use an electrically assisted bicycle. In the last class, Robusto you will have to be autonomous for your accommodation (have your tent equipment and sleeping bag).

Please note: there is a maximum of 150 participants!

For more details, check the event’s website

GBC 500
Big Red Gravel Run
Big Red Gravel Run

Big Red Gravel Run – August 13th 2022

The Harrington area near Grenville on the Red has some stunning scenery to explore. Beautiful plains between the mountains and the famous red river. Routes of 60 or 130 KM are available for runners. With the event taking place in mid-August in beautiful temperatures, many will opt to camp on site and enjoy the Party after the event!

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Big Red Gravel Run
100 B7
100 B7

100 B7 – September 25th 2022

The 100 B7 event will be held in the Brome-Missisquoi region. Some of these routes were used as training for professional cyclist Lyne Bessette. Participants will have the choice of a course of 69 or 100KM. These roads contain technical 4×4 tracks as well as roads.

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100 B7