Choose the best Portable bike pump

Not sure what is the best Portable bike pump for you or even if you really need a Portable mini bike pump? Do you have one of those friends who is always prepared? The one who never has to scramble for a phone charger or an umbrella because they came prepared for everything? Well, today I’m going to let you in on their secret: portable mini bike pumps. These little devices can be life-savers when you’re out on a ride and find yourself with a flat tire. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re also small and lightweight so you can take them with you wherever you go. Keep reading to learn more about the best mini bike pumps on the market!

What bike pump should you buy?

Even if you buy the best or most expansive, it might not be the right one for you? There are lot of option to fit different type of cycling. Since a lot of us are doing more than more type, we often need to make compromise. Here are some of the things to look out for depending of the type of cycling you do.

What to look for in a bike pump as a road cyclists

For the road cyclists, an option that is light weight will often do the trick since you are trying to be the lightest possible. The size will also count since we often put these devices in our back pocket on our jersey. The size of your pump will also affect your aerodynamic drag.

A lot of riders will choose a CO2 inflator for these reasons.

Best portable bike pump for mountain bike

For a mountain biker, you will need an option that will never let you down. A device that you can count on when you are 30km deep in the woods alone. For this reason, the CO2 inflator is not the best option since it is a one use only. If you decide to use these, make sure to buy the right size for you tire. (More details here) On a mountain bike ride, a lot of us like to bring a backpack which allow you to bring larger items like a good hand bike pump.

Mini bike pump for fat bike

When riding a fat bike, you will often be lightly dress not to get to hot even though it’s cold outside. Therefore, you don’t want to get stuck in the trails because of a flat tire. *This happens to me with a rental fat bike, and it wasn’t funny walking back to the shop 5km in -20 temperature… So, you will need a fast solution that will work. A hand pump is a good option but be careful. Some smaller pump need assembly before using them and with cold fingers, this might be a bit hard and frustrating.

A CO2 inflator could be a good idea but make sure to have the right sizing of cartridge. Fat bike tires are enormous, so of course you will need more air. Another great option on a fat bike is an electric bicycle pump. Since you need to play a lot with you tire pressure depending on the surface you are riding on, you will often need to add or remove air from your tires. These electric inflators often include a pressure gauge which is useful on a fat!

Bike pump for a bike race

In a bike race, for sure, you never want to get a flat tire… But, when you do, you need to change it as fast as you possibly can! You will also want to be the lightest and the more aerodynamic possible, therefore, Co2 inflator is clearly the best solution in a race situation.

Best mini pump for gravel bike

Gravel bike ride are usually done in remote areas where you might not always have cell reception. Therefore, you do not want to get stuck far from you starting point. Make sure to have a device that will do the job. Co2 cartridge can do the trick but make sure to have more than one just in case.

Different types of portable bike pump

Cycling Hand pump

This type of pump has been on the market for years now. Back in the days, they were 3 feet long. Nowadays, as the technology grows, they are smaller, lighter, and more effective than ever. Some brands like Lezyne or Crankbrothers are now known for these small devices.

Having a small pump is great because of the lighter weight and the fact they are less likely to cause an aerodynamic drag.

The downside of having a small pump is that you only get a short travel to pump. Therefore, it will take longer for you to build the pressure you want in your tire. Again, because of that short travel when pumping, you might have some difficulty to get to the high pressure that requires a road bike tire… Just think about it as an upper body training!

This type of pump might be a bit more expensive than a CO2 inflator system but, you will have it for a long time!

CO2 inflators

The Co2 system are fast and easy to use. It is a can filled with pressurized carbon dioxide gas (Co2) that is sealed until you use it. They come in a few different sizes(12g, 16g, 20g & 25g) depending on the size of the tire to refill. (Road bike VS 29er or even fat bikes)

There are also a lot of accessories like different types of nozzles. You will find some cartridges with a sleeve or aluminium cover. This is not a branding purpose. When using your cartridge, it will get really REALLY cold. With this sleeve on, you will be able to keep it on your tire valve.

The Co2 Cartridge are single use only. Usually, when using them you will need all of it to recharge your tire to an approximatively good pressure. Even if there would be some CO2 left in the cartridge, it would empty itself within a few hours.

When using this type of inflator system, you usually buy a few of them that you can keep home a refill your saddle bag when needed.

Since you need to buy new cartridge every time you get a flat tire, it will get expensive over time. This might be a price you are willing to pay because of its compact size and light weight!

Electric bike pump

With technology bringing everything smaller and smaller, it is now possible to bring an electric bike pump with you on your ride! This system is faster and easier to use than a hand pump. You will be able to use it more than once compared to the Co2 Inflator.

Of course, there are a few cons… Electric means you need to have charged batteries. Even though these devices are getting smaller and lighter, the hand pump and the co2 inflator will often win in this category.

Features to look for when buying a portable bike pump

Pressure Gauge

Depending on the type of cycling you do, it might become necessary to know at what pressure your pump your tires after a flat. In a mountain or fat bike ride, you will need to adapt your tire pressure based on the type of terrain you ride on. In these situations, you would benefit in having a pressure indicator on you pump.

Size & weight

If you have an e-bike or you always ride with a backpack, this might not be such a big deal. But if you like to be the lightest and most aerodynamic possible, the size and weight of your pump will be something to look out for.

Ease of use and time to pump your flat tire.

Are you a racer? If so, you need the fasted system to get air in your tire. You can’t afford to lose 2 minutes to assemble your pump before starting to pump. A fast delivery is a must! See more details about the best pump for a bike racer

Same thing if you are often riding in bad conditions. I’m talking about gravel biker, mountain bikers and fat bikers that often take the crazy weather as a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I think exactly like you do BUT, when you get a flat tires 5k in the woods at -20, the “challenge” is over. You want to get it fixed ASAP not to freeze out there.

If you only ride for fun when the temperature is perfect outside, you might want to consider a system that takes a bit more time like an electric pump. You will actually have a bit of time to eat and drink while your tire is getting inflated 😉

Buying guide for bike pump

Pro Bike Tool – Mini Bike Pump

Best Portable mini bike pump – Pro Bike Tool

This small hand pump will allow you to pump up to 120 Psi in your tires. The flexible air hose is stored inside the pump to reduce the size when not using it. Its size is 8.75 inches long and weighing in at only 4.5oz. The material used is Aluminum.

Size : 22.8 x 7 x 3 cm;

Weight : 127.57 Grams

*Bonus, this pump has an integrated  pressure gauge integrated on the flexible hose.

Dexpole Electric Bike Pump

Dexpole Electric Bike Pump
Portable mini bike pump – Dexpole Electric Bike Pump

This electric device can be used to pump your tires up to 7 times with the same charge. The maximum pressure is 150 PSI. With the Auto mode, you can preset a pressure that you want it to stop at. The small light on top of the pump can be useful at night but the possibility to use it as a USB batterie is awesome!

Size : ‎18.01 x 9.8 x 4.9 cm;

Weight : 572 Grams

CO2 Inflator with Cartridge Storage Canister from Pro Bike tool

As we touched on earlier, a container around your Co2 cartridge will help you hold still while getting air in your tires. The Cartridge gets really cold!

The valve will allow you to stop the flow so you can check the pressure. without this little feature, the air simply goes away so you can’t really know your tire pressure before stopping…

You can fit 12g or 16g cartridge in the pump.

The canister body is made of an aluminum alloy. It is CNC machined so precise.

A grey and red version is also available.

Size : 12 x 5 x 2.7 cm‎

Weight : 55g

For more products from Pro Bike Tool visit their Amazon Store Here

Picking the best portable bike pump is not an easy task. There are so many to choose from and each one has its positives and negatives. Some pumps will inflate faster than others, some can be used for more types of tires like car tires. The thing that I recommend most often when people ask me about this topic though is asking yourself what you need it for before buying anything! If you want something small to take on your commute then go with a mini-pump; if you’re looking for something fast to use in a race, get a CO2 inflator system. Then, if you want the best pump without the need for it to be small and light, an electric pump is what you need!

What would be the best pump for you? Even if it doesn’t exist yet, let us know if the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How do you use a mini hand bike pump?

There are a lot of different types of portable pumps. For a lot of these, it’s pretty simple.
1) Assemble your pump
2) Pump to inflate the tire
3) Check the pressure to make sure you don’t put to much air in your tire. (You can find the maximum air pressure you can add written on the side of your tires).
4) Once you are done, don’t forget to put the cap on the valve so it doesn’t get damaged.
Here is a quick video of how to use the Lezyne Pumps

It possible to put too much air in my bike tires?

Yes! Depending on the type of pump you are using, you could inflate too much your tires. At some point, the tube will simple let go. With a portable bike pump, once you get high in PSI, it will get pretty difficult to pump. At this point, this is a good indicator to check your pressure.

Can I use a car tire pump on my bike?

The short answer is yes, but! These pump are used to add a lot of air in big tires. Your bike tires is way smaller than a car tire. It will then be way faster to refill. Check you pressure often! Depending on the type of valve your tube has, it might not be compatible with standard car pump. There are small adapters that can be used to let you pump your presta tire tube with a Schrader valve. Check these out on Amazon : presta-valve-adapter